Senior Exam Timetable

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Student Manual

The student manual contains:

  • all NZQA questions
  • Literacy requirements for Level 2 and 3.
  • NCEA Forms and Phone Apps
  • Te Reo
  • International Language
  • Pacifica Language – NCEA explained for Cook Island, Niuean, Samoan and Tongan
  • NZQA Fees
  • Exam timetables (when available)

Click here to access the student manual

My EC (KAMAR) portal

Students will soon be able to log on to the My EC portal with their student ID and portal password. You will be able to view your own attendance, NCEA results and subjects on the portal (and your parents too, by logging in through the parent portal).

Choosing Subjects

Year 10 going into Year 11 
  • students will study 5 subjects.
  • students will study either NCEA Level 1 English or Alternative English or ESOL.
  • students will study either NCEA Level 1 Mathematics or Applied Mathematics.
  • students will select 3 option subjects from the choices offered at Year 11.
Year 11 going into Year 12
  • students will study 5 subjects.
  • students will study either NCEA Level 2 English or Alternative English or ESOL.
  • students will select 4 option subjects from the choices offered at Year 12.
Year 12 going into Year 13 
  • students will study 5 subjects.
  • ESOL students are required to select ESOL unless the Course Supervisor advises otherwise.

Success in NCEA

Here are some useful links to websites that can help you in your studies:

Studyit web site.

Studyit is a web site run by the Ministry of Education. Studyit does not replace teachers, schools or textbooks but provides free additional support online for math, science and English NCEA students at night, in the weekends and in the holidays.

Studyit has three main sections.
First is content containing the achievement standards that have been repackaged with student input. 

Second is the support section that has study and exam advice and encouragement

Third is communicate that has forums and e-mail addresses for mentors
We employ expert teachers as mentors to respond to student questions via e-mail and the forums.

Students new to Studyit should check out both 'New to Studyit?' on the homepage and the content section and carry out a search of the forums before making a post.

Every year, Edgewater College teachers host a Study Skills evening, where we share tips and tricks for preparing for exams.  Check the Event Calendar for other upcoming support events.  

And we also refer students to the following:

  • Mind map tool from the IHMC web site. (33.8 Mb) 14 minutes at 100 Mbps.
  • XMind is another mind maping tool.
  • Learning Styles Test - Take the test and find out how you learn the best.
  • Any Question - online librarian who will help with research based questions.
  • GCSE - BBC revision web site about Level 1 NCEA.
  • S-Cool - web site about Level 2 and 3 NCEA.

Year 9 Curriculum

Most Year 9 courses are compulsory.

A typical Year 9 course consists of English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Health Education, Technology, Graphics, Art, Music and a choice of language (Te Reo Maori, Japanese, French, ESOL* or Language Skills*). 

If students choose to take two of the language options, one of the subjects in italics above will be reduced. 

* ESOL is for students who do not speak English as their first language.  Language Skills is for students who speak English as their first language but who need extra help with reading and written language.

Year 10 Curriculum

A typical Year 10 course consists of English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education and two options. 

Option subjects include Japanese, French, Te Reo Maori, ESOL, Language Skills, Art, Music, Food Technology, Textile Technology, Technology (Hard Materials), Graphics, Information Management, Enterprise Studies and Health Education.

Senior Curriculum

What should you study?  It is important to choose wisely.  Click here for more information about the choices you can make, and the advice and support you can get

2017 Senior Options Booklet

Download here the overview of options available in 2017.
2017 Senior Option Booklet

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