Enrolment zone map

The map below shows the zone.  
The dark line encloses the area:

Top - left-hand side of the Pakuranga Highway
Right-hand side - Gossamer Drive to Pakuranga Creek
Bottom - Crook Road to Highbrook Drive
Left-hand side - Tamaki River to Panmure Bridge

Entry for out of zone students

This is by application. You may pick up an application form from the school office or phone to have the form mailed to you.

Applications for out-of-zone enrolments will be decided by ballot if the number of applications exceeds the places available. 
School Bus Routes

The document below shows the bus routes.

For information on AT Hop cards go to 
 AT Hop cards website

Zone Map

Home Zone Streets for Edgewater College


Alton Terrace
Anthony Place
Atworth Way
Aurea Avenue
Aylesbury Street
Ayr Road
Beechdale Crescent
Beldon Place
Bennett Road
Blyton Lane
Bolina Crescent
Bostock Place
Boys Place
Brampton Court
Brompton Place
Browns Avenue
Bruce Roderick Drive
Burswood Drive
Cardiff Road
Carmel Avenue
Carole Crescent
Carpenter Road
Challinor Street
Chatsworth Crescent
Chevis Place
Cindy Place
Cobana Place
Convamore Lane
Cortina Place
Cove Lane
Crooks Road
Cryers Road
Dale Crecent
Dayspring Way
De Thiery Place
Dillimore Crescent
Dolphin Street
Dowling Place
Downsview Road
Dulwich Place
Echelon Place
Edgewater Drive
Elderberry Road
Elizabeth Street
Ellesmere Crescent
Ennis Avenue
Fernbrook Close
Finn Place
Fleur Avenue
Foxley Place
Fremantle Place
Gerwyn Place
Glenside Avenue
Gossamer Drive
Grassways Avenue
Greenhill Cresent
Greenmount Drive
Grove Lane
Harris Road (from
Ti Rakau Dr south to
Crooks Rd)
Heathridge Place
Heron Place
Highbrook Drive
Ifield Court
Jade Avenue
Jan Place
Johns Lane
Kalgan Place
Kentigern Close
Kenwick Place
Kerswill Place
La Trobe Street
Larne Avenue
Latham Avenue
Leewood Place
Lewis Road
Lutana Place
Manapouri Place
Mangos Place
Marine Lane
Marriott Road
Mattson Road
Maurice Paykel Place
Megan Avenue
Midvale Place
Millen Avenue
Miramar Place
Nandina Avenue
Neales Road
Nedlands Place
Nevada Avenue
Offenhauser Drive
Okareka Place
Okataina Street
Opal Avenue
Osprey Street
Pakuranga Road –
(north side from Tamaki
River to St Kentigern
College and south side from
Tamaki River to Gossamer
Palm Avenue
Pandora Place
Paradise Place
Parkview Place
Parkwood Place
Paul Place
Paulange Place
Pelorus Place
Pennell Place
Pepler Street
Peterson Road
Polaris Place
Pooley Street
Portadown Avenue
Raewyn Place
Reeves Road
Riverhills Avenue
Riverina Avenue
Riverlea Avenue
Robina Court
Ron Driver Place
Roseburn Place
Rosina Place
Rotoiti Avenue
Seven Oaks Drive
Sheldon Place
Shenton Place
Snell Place
Steeple Rise
Stonedon Drive
Susanne Place
Swan Crescent
Tamaki Bay Drive
Te Anau Place
Ti Rakau Drive (from
Pakuranga Road to
Greenmount Drive)
Tiaka Place
Tiraumea Drive
Torrens Road
Transport Place
Trugood Drive
Tullis Place
Udys Road
Undine Street
Ussher Place
Waikaremoana Place
Waiouru Road
Waipuna Road East
Waipuna Road (from
Peterson Rd east to the
Tamaki River)
Wanaka Place
Ware Place
Watene Road
Waylen Place
Wheatley Avenue
William Roberts Road
Williams Avenue
Wyman Place

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