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Our Homestay families make students feel "at home".  All Homestays are carefully selected and regularly monitored to ensure they are the right fit for every student.


Accommodation Information
As per The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 and Guidelines, the International Department at Edgewater College prior to or upon enrolment will determine and verify which of the below categories of accommodation the Student will be living in during their study in New Zealand, regardless of the students age. i.e. 

      Designated Caregiver

No International Student at Edgewater College is permitted to live independently, in a boarding establishment or in temporary accommodation.

Reference Checks and Police Vetting will be required of all Caregivers and all residents of a household aged 18 years and over.

Edgewater College provide guidelines to the Caregivers and the Students and detail the division of responsibility between Edgewater College and the Caregiver.

The Parents and the Student agree that the Student shall remain in accommodation arrangements either organized by Edgewater College for the full term of this agreement, or are approved by Edgewater College according to The Code of Practice guidelines for accommodation. Any changes must be negotiated with the Homestay Coordinator prior to the changes taking effect. Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to a cancellation of the Student Visa. All Caregivers who are not New Zealand citizens must provide copies of their passports and valid visas.


Edgewater College can arrange caring Homestay accommodation for International Students. Most of our Homestays are with New Zealand families, however, homestay accommodation with Asian families can also be arranged, if preferred.

The homestay payment is NZD $260 per week, full payable in advance to Edgewater College. Edgewater College will pay the homestay each fortnight, account for all the money received and payments made from the homestay money.
The homestay fees invoiced may be an estimate cost only. Exact costs will be calculated once the final departure date is confirmed. If students change homestay, a fee of $150.00 may be charged. Edgewater College can only guarantee accommodation for visa purposes for the number of weeks’ homestay fees have been paid for.

On written request Edgewater College will refund any balance remaining at the end of the student’s placement. If over NZD $1000 the refund will be directly to the parents in the country of origin of the student. If under NZD$999 the payment will be made in cash to the student on their last day prior to their departure from Edgewater College.

Two weeks’ notice must be given by either party (Homestay or student) prior to a student being placed in another Homestay.

Homestay Caregivers provide:
• A supportive environment in which the student can become part of a New Zealand family
• Full board which includes all meals if required
• Own room
• Study facilities
• All laundry facilities
• Accommodation from arrival to the end of the college year, including school holidays

2017 Homestay Placement, Monitoring & Support Fee: NZD $500

Homestay Accommodation Cost:   NZD $260 per week   (2017 Rate)

2017 Bond (refundable): NZD $260

Subsequent moves may incur a penalty fee:  NZD $150 

Designated Caregiver (DCG)

The parents of the student must complete and personally sign the Designated Caregiver Agreement included in the International Student Application Forms. They must include all details and contact details of the DCG when submitting the application. Edgewater College will decide if the caregiver will be verified as a Designated Caregiver and will ask for a Police Vet, further supporting information and/or evidence of the nature of the close relationship or friendship.

The home of the proposed DCG will be visited and assessed the same as for a Homestay Caregiver. The home will be visited regularly to maintain and verify the DCG’s living situation.

At no time can a DCG leave the student unsupervised overnight or for any length of time without firstly informing Edgewater College and seeking approval for a temporary caregiver to take their place. This will probably necessitate a new DCG being appointed for that period of time, as per all DCG regulations.

DCG’s must also attend regular Parent/Teacher interviews at the college on behalf of the Students Parent/s.

The DCG Agreement cannot change until Edgewater College is informed and agrees to the change. The parents of the Student take full responsibility and accept the decisions made by their DCG about the day-to-day requirements of their child and understand that Edgewater College will make every endeavor to provide the best of care and welfare for their child whilst studying here. Should you have any concerns regarding the welfare of your child, Edgewater College may refer your child to the relevant welfare authorities, or any other appropriate agency in New Zealand.


Students living with parent/s must still be monitored by Edgewater College. If Students are living with their own parent/s, then the parent/s take full responsibility for the pastoral care of the Student outside tuition hours and may be called up to the school at short notice on school matters. Parents must also attend regular Parent/Teacher interviews. 

Under no circumstances can a parent leave the student unsupervised overnight or for any length of time without first informing Edgewater College and seeking approval for a temporary adult caregiver to take their place. If a parent leaves a student unsupervised in New Zealand, that student will lose their place at the College and New Zealand Immigration will be informed. Parents must follows all the policies of Edgewater College at all times. 

Birth Certificates and copies of Passports and Visas are required to verify Parental status.

Travel and Holidays

Parents are welcome to visit their child whilst they are studying in New Zealand. The International Department can assist with any documentation required.

International Students are encourage to travel within New Zealand during the holiday time:
• With their Homestay Families
• With school-organised groups 
• On trips and activities organized by their Agents
• With the approved student travel companies recommended by Edgewater College
• With their Parent/s

International Students are not permitted to leave school before the end of each term to travel to their home country.  Any travel overseas to home countries must be after School Term has ended and the Student must ensure they are back in New Zealand 1-2 days prior to the new Term beginning. All Holiday / travel arrangement must be approved by the International Director. All Code of Practice regulations must be met.

International Students are not permitted to travel independently whilst they are studying at Edgewater College. Any travel without their Homestay or Designated Caregiver must be with an approved Tour Operator and applied for by completing a Permission Request Form and submitted to the International Director for approval, a minimum of 7 days prior to the travel. This Request Form will ascertain the plans and supervision provided for the student during the travelling.

International Students are not permitted to sleep over or stay a night at another students home, unless that student resides with an Edgewater College approved and police cleared Homestay Family.

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